Moving? Avoid These Common Mistakes - Most people will move a few times in their lifetimes. They will move out of an apartment into their first new home, and then again when they retire and buy a condo to downsize into. Other people will move more often, like for a new job, to move into a newly built neighborhood or condo […]
Choosing a Front Door - Although choosing a front door may not seem difficult at first, there are several options that need to be considered. Your front door must not only look attractive but must also be able to withstand the weather and keep your Phoenix home secure. Steel Doors Steel is a popular choice because it can take all […]
Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Architect - There is little that compares to the excitement you get when watching your dream home turn from scribbles on paper into reality. Whether it’s building a brand-new home or watching your old one change before your eyes, homeowners are often taken with delight at this process. What many will know, having been through this process, […]
Five Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home - When most homeowners think of increasing the value of their home, they envision expensive outlays, tiresome renovations, and only a little return on investment. What most homeowners don’t realise is that increasing their home’s value is easier than they think and often well worth the added effort. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home […]
How to Choose Wall Colors for Your Home - Choosing a new color scheme for a room isn’t always second nature. It’s easy to look at a photograph of a beautiful room and think to yourself, “I’m going to make that!” only to end up staring blankly at the rainbow of color choices at your local hardware store. This is especially true when buying […]
How to Optimize Your Studio Apartment - Setting up a studio apartment comes with many challenges, all of which require creative solutions. Most studio condos for sale contain one continuous room with no doors (save for a bathroom), making it much harder to achieve the right flow. What they lack in traditional floor plans, they excel at providing more usable, bright, and […]
How to Keep Your Home Green - Keeping your house more in sync with nature is more than just the latest fad. Everyone loves to talk about how green their house is and their energy efficient setups but, for many, it’s mostly just talk. If you’re interested in putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak, there’s good news: Making […]
Condo Style Inspiration & Ideas - Finding the right style for any residence is a daunting task full of subjective nuances. Having an end goal in the back of your mind is always helpful but, sometimes, it isn’t enough to alleviate the pain of working with a difficult-to-decorate small space like a condo or apartment. In no other area is this […]
Hot Home Trends for Summer 2017 - Whether you are in a luxury townhome or a custom house, you can make simple updates to compete with the trends in 2017. From Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, to marble everything, you can’t go wrong! Marble Marble is undoubtedly the hottest trend in 2017. From more traditional countertops to wallpaper, you can find […]
Best Homes for Seniors vs. Growing Families - As you go from chapter to chapter in your life, your needs change! Growing families’ needs will differ from those who are empty nesters. Continue reading to find out the things to look out for, for both those looking for starter homes and those looking to simplify. Since you’re in the market, be sure to […]