Kitchen Trends That Can’t Go Wrong

Brand New Kitchen

While most home decorating trends come and go, there are certain trends that are truly timeless. If you’re looking to tackle a future kitchen upgrade, you know just how expensive this project can be. Since you’ll be spending thousands of dollars, it’s important to incorporate timeless kitchen trends that will last for years to come.

Here are some of the top kitchen trends that can’t go wrong for new homes in Ottawa.

White Kitchens

For years now, white kitchens have been and continue to be all the hype. Layering white on white, such as installing white cabinets, white countertops, and lightly colored backsplashes, creates an elegant yet airy and open look that is perfect for any kitchen.

While bold hues and pops of colour in the kitchen can be fun, the excitement tends to wear off after a few months. Stick to white and other light neutral colours for a canvas that can be decorated with bold accessories for that pop you want.

Grey Kitchens

While white is a quite popular kitchen colour, if you’ve looked on Pinterest or Instagram recently, you’ve seen that grey kitchens are also on the rise. From grey walls to countertops to cabinets and even appliances, grey is in and will be in for years to come.

Grey is well-loved for its sleek look. While grey is neutral, it adds just enough contrast to give some life to your kitchen. If you’re feeling super trendy, go with a white and grey kitchen and accent with bold barstools, vases, or dishes.


When most people think of countertops, they think of granite, but, in recent years, quartz countertops have topped the popularity charts. Quartz is much more durable than granite, as it is resistant to chips, burns, and scratches. You also don’t have to seal quartz each year to prevent stains and other blemishes.

Quartz also doesn’t let you down in the looks department. The material is available in a wide range of colours, so you’re sure to find one that fits your kitchen décor flawlessly!

Single-Level Islands

Open floor plans, especially in kitchens, allow you to embrace every inch of your home. In your kitchen, be sure to install a single-level island which keeps the flow of the room while adding extra seating. Counter-height islands are also great for additional prep space, which can really come in handy for smaller living areas like new condos in Ottawa.

New Model Kitchen

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