5 Things to Include in Your Primary Bedroom

We all have a vision of our ideal primary bedroom. That vision may be different from everyone else’s, but that’s what makes the primary bedroom so special. It’s a place that you can design to be truly personal. 

While you’re dreaming of your ideal bedroom, we have a few suggestions for you. We don’t want to take away from your vision of the perfect primary bedroom, but we have learned a lot over the years, seeing what works and what doesn’t… what others wish they had or hadn’t done. That’s why, with this article, we’re discussing five things to include in your primary bedroom.


Multiple studies have proven that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. By ensuring that your bedroom has a designated place for everything, you’ll feel more relaxed.  

If closet space has always been an issue, then design one to suit your needs. Dressers and armoires are great for storing clothes. Nightstands/bedside tables are necessary as well. If you like to read, you’ll need a spot for your lamp and book. Many people put on hand cream while in bed as well. Having sleek, functional storage within arm’s reach of your bed is always needed. 

  • TASK LIGHTING usually serves a purpose, such as the lamp by your bed for reading. 
  • ACCENT LIGHTING focuses on accessories or artwork that’s decorating your space. It can also be used to highlight any architectural features you want to show off. 
  • AMBIENT LIGHTING is what fills in the blanks. It lights up the rest of the space when you need good overall lighting.

When planning to light your primary bedroom, start with task lighting by thinking about your activities in the bedroom. Maybe you don’t need a bedside table lamp, but you do need a lamp on your dresser where you put on makeup. Remember, when it comes to lighting your primary bedroom, function is just as (if not more important that) appearance. 


High thread count sheets are one of the best ways to spoil yourself. We all know how important sleep is for our overall health and day to day living. Your mattress and bedding are an integral part of creating an ideal sleep environment. 


Window coverings offer many benefits including privacy, better insulation around windows, and of course keeping out the sunlight and street lights at night. Being able to fully control the light in your bedroom has a profound effect on your quality of sleep. 

Blinds are functional, but curtains can be beautiful and a major component in how your bedroom looks. Window coverings that completely block out light are only a few dollars more than regular curtains; well worth the expense. If you really wanted to take things up a notch though, consider splurging on automation. Being able to open the curtains by pushing a button from your bed is pretty cool… Being able to program your curtains to open is even better, allowing you to wake you to natural sunlight. 


Remember, this is your space, so you should include something in your bedroom that you truly love. Something that inspires or comforts you and could act as a feature to the room. Some ideas to get you thinking:

  • A fireplace. Great for reading by or spending quality time with your partner. 
  • A yoga or meditation corner.
  • A sensational headboard.
  • A water feature such as a fountain. Can be relaxing to fall asleep too. 
  • A mini arboretum. Filling your room with plants can help improve your sleep habits and your overall mood.
  • A vanity table. A place that helps you get ready in the morning as well as storing your cosmetics and jewelry.


The Phoenix Homes design team has built some stunning primary bedrooms over the years, but once in a while we still get some surprising requests. We’d love to hear about your ideal primary bedroom and work together to make it happen.