Brighten Up Your Home with These Tips!

Are you having trouble coming up with a new colour scheme for your home? Do you want your house to feel more lively and inviting? It’s easy to make your home feel fresh and welcoming by making just a few simple decor changes. Start with these incredible tips and get your new home in Ottawa looking bright, welcoming, and airy!

White Sofa

Mirrors Are Your Friend

One way to make your room brighter is making it look more spacious than it really is. Placing mirrors in strategic locations will open up any room and give it some life, especially if they reflect natural light. Try putting one at the end of a hallway, in rooms with a lot of natural lighting, or even across from a window for best results. Mirrors also can brighten up rooms with darker paint schemes.


Giving the room a fresh coat of paint is a great way to make it feel new. Light colours reflect more light, and, thus, will give an airier feel. White, light greys, and bright blues give off relaxing vibes, while greens and pinks are soothing and romantic. Try contrasting your main colour with a highlighting bolder shade for a brighter appearance.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Incandescent lights have been around for decades. They work just fine, but they don’t really provide anything close to natural lighting. It wasn’t until the last 10 or 20 years that brighter and more energy-efficient light bulbs hit the market, including new daylight bulbs. Try changing out your bulbs to a pure white LED or one of the newer daylight bulbs for an instant brightening effect!

Get Rid of Your Screens

Screened doors may not seem like they have much of an impact on the light going into your house, at first, but, once you take them down, it becomes immediately obvious. Try replacing your screened windows and doors with a transparent barrier instead. The extra light going into your house will make it much less gloomy feeling!

Get the Most out of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is an excellent alternative to carpet. It’s not nearly as expensive as tile, and it’s much easier to clean up! Better yet, wood panels also reflect a ton of light when the sun pours through your windows. If you already have hardwood floors, try removing any area rugs you have over them for fresh appeal. Use a good hardwood floor wax for reflectivity and enjoy more light illuminating your rooms.

Clean Up

Cleaning your house is a no-brainer, but you might underestimate how much brighter your home will be after a cleaning session. Removing all of the dirt and grime from surfaces allows them to reflect more light, and clearing out undesired clutter also gives your home a breath of fresh air, too. When there’s more open space, light bounces around more easily—and there’s nothing like the smell of a freshly cleaned house, either!

Use Lighter Coloured Furniture

You’re working against yourself by placing dark furniture in a room you’re trying to brighten up. Using brighter decor will work synergistically with all the other methods listed above. Consider buying a lighter-coloured couch or chair covers if you’re not in the mood to buy new furniture.

Redoing your home with a bright or light-coloured theme is a great way to open it up and encourage an airy feel. If your current home lacks natural lighting or that open design you want,  we’d like to encourage you to make a change. Phoenix Homes has a fantastic selection of new condos in Ottawa and new townhomes in Ottawa with large windows, bright, sunny rooms, and breezy designs just waiting for you to move in.

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