Condo Style Inspiration & Ideas

Finding the right style for any residence is a daunting task full of subjective nuances. Having an end goal in the back of your mind is always helpful but, sometimes, it isn’t enough to alleviate the pain of working with a difficult-to-decorate small space like a condo or apartment. In no other area is this more true than condo and apartment decorating.

Condo Style Inspiration & Ideas

Despite the additional challenge, it is possible to make your condo truly shine with a little bit of creativity and cooperation. Whether you’re in a condo, apartment, or townhouse, these small space tips will let you realize your vision and enjoy a beautiful home once again.

“Floor Plan” (AKA Determine Your Needs)

Designers and laypeople alike toss around the term “floor plan,” often with little to no elaboration. Reciting technical terms means nothing if the interior designer or show host ends up talking in circles, so tossing it in can sometimes make the situation or design concept more confusing than it has to be.

The next time you hear “floor plan,” don’t think of how you’ll lay everything out. Think about the layout of your condo and how it will impact your daily life. Ask yourself:

  • What’s your first destination after you walk in the door?
  • Are all areas easy to access and use?
  • How do you use your current living space?
  • How can you improve or increase flow within your living space?
  • Which areas of your condo do you use most often?
  • Do you entertain, have children over, or otherwise host guests?

Make a list of your daily needs, activities, and the amount of space they require. Then, sit down with your floor plan and work out a basic layout that makes your space efficient and comfortable for your lifestyle.

Segment your Spaces

Designating specific areas for certain activities is not only a great way to improve your mental well-being, it’s also a must-do when you’re working with small spaces. Make rough estimates of the floor space needed for your most common activities. Then, make a list of the furniture those activities demand.

Segmenting your activity spaces will make your condo flow and feel organized, but be wary of over-compartmentalization. If you have to travel through three spaces just to get to the bathroom, you may want to change your setup.

Only Keep Necessities in Plain Sight

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The number one rule for small spaces is to keep your clutter to a minimum. You really don’t want a whole lot going on at once, so stash away whatever you can. Condo owners know that while it’s okay to have more than you can reasonably use on a regular basis, you absolutely must have a way to store it at all times. Find creative storage or display options like shelving, cupboard tops, under-cupboard drawers, and expandable furnishings to keep those tools within reach without every countertop looking like a garage workbench.

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