A Message From Phoenix Homes In Regards To The COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 or ‘coronavirus’, is a pandemic that has spread quickly over the planet, making a big impact on many of our lives. COVID-19 is an incredibly infectious illness and is spread through human-to-human contact. The Federal Government of Canada has clarified that social distancing and self-isolation is the most ideal approach to lower the spread of COVID-19 and lessen the effect this pandemic is having on our country.

More than ever, it’s critical to listen to the guidance of our public health officials. As this present circumstance unfurls, we understand that life progresses forward. At Phoenix Homes, we stay vigilant in ensuring that we maintain proper social distancing techniques. We put the health of our staff and customers before anything else and will continue to do so during this pandemic.

We are only as strong as the most vulnerable person in our community, which is why social distancing guidelines are incredibly important and something that we must follow. Here are some tips for effective social distancing:


Social Distancing Tips

  • Only leave your home for essential purposes such as going grocery shopping or picking up medication
  • Utilize our modern technology; instead of going to visit a relative utilize apps like Zoom, FaceTime or other video calling programs
  • If you’re out in public, ensure that you keep a distance of 6 feet between you and the person closest to you


The Importance of These Measures During COVID-19

COVID-19 is extremely infectious and does not discriminate. Even if you’re asymptomatic, you can still spread the disease to those who are more vulnerable and will show more severe symptoms. Anybody that has contracted COVID-19 can spread the illness through their coughs and sneezes, and the virus can even survive on surfaces. Social distancing, which is remaining 6 feet apart from the closest individual at stores, can diminish the odds of contracting the virus. It’s also recommended that you wash your hands often, and for at least 20 seconds.


Protecting The Vulnerable From COVID-19

This virus is more deadly to those that are elderly, immunocompromised, or have underlying health conditions. Even if you’re young and healthy, you must practice these measures to protect those who are most vulnerable. Here’s how we can work together to do that:

  • Feeling under the weather? Stay home and self-isolate!
  • If you’ve been out of the country or out of the province, it’s required that you self-isolate for 14 days
  • If you have spare masks, give them to those who are most vulnerable (grandparents, those with underlying conditions)
  • Check up on friends and family; the toughest part for many during these times is the loneliness they may be experiencing – especially if they live alone.


Phoenix Homes understands the importance of taking the proper safety precautions during this trying time. We are committed to being community leaders during this pandemic. For information on how we’ve adapted our business measures to protect our customers and employees, contact Phoenix Homes today!