Custom Design A Home With Your Builder That Will Suit Your Family

Building a home is a big investment, not just financial, but you’re investing your time, hopes and dreams into the purchase as well. Building a custom home is exciting, imagining the layout and features, with a style you’ve been wanting to come home to for years now. 

Working with your builder is a great way to ensure you get what you want and will likely improve your home buildingexperience. This guide offers tips for designing a home with your builder that will suit your family, first let’s explore why you should work closely with your builder.

– SAVING TIME AND MONEY: Working directly with your custom builder is efficient and reduces confusion. Your builder can ensure smooth progress on your build. Saving time also reduces labour costs. 
– CUSTOMIZATION: Working with your builder from the beginning will allow for easier customization with your home. Don’t be afraid to ask your builder for opinions and ideas along the way, he/she is here to bring your dreams to reality within the limitations of your budget. 

It’s pretty easy to get carried away when designing your custom dream home. You’ll notice though when looking at the upgrades and features that the costs can add up quickly. Setting a realistic budget from the start and knowing the financing available to you is essential so your builder can help you stay within budget. 

Choosing your lot is the first big decision you’ll make. Phoenix Homes, for example, is building in several communities in the Ottawa area including White Tail Ridge in West Ottawa and Findlay Creek in South Ottawa. You will want to have an idea of the type or style of home you’re building before you decide on the land. There are some areas where it’s impossible to build a basement, or the land may be too narrow for the house that you want. 

The lot you select for your custom home should meet all the needs of your family, including kids or pets. Remember, by choosing your property first, you can then adjust your home designs to fit the property, cause it’s next to impossible to adjust your property to your house plans. 

The best part of building a custom home is creating a space that fulfils the unique needs of your family. You and your spouse need to be on the same page when determining the must-haves, this will make planning with your builder easier and prevent communication errors. 

Don’t confuse your must-haves with wants. Your builder can help you prioritize the list. During this, you may find that some features aren’t in your budget, your builder will be able to help you find alternatives that are.  


At this point, after working with your builder you should know how much room is left in the budget for the wants. This part is so much fun; do you love hosting movie night and want a large, built-in entertainment centre? Does your inner chef want to come out and play in an extra large kitchen with a double-wide island? 

Now that our list of must-haves is complete it’s time to see what space you have in your home and your budget for the fun stuff you and your family have been looking forward to. 


Custom building your home is much easier if you can look at builds that are similar to your needs. It’s like bringing a picture of a haircut you love to the salon. Your builder should have plans they can show you to spark some ideas. Phoenix Homes has a variety of plans to inspire you.