Designing Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of most homes. It’s where we gather for a family meal and mingle at parties. The kitchen always stands out, and when done right, can add plenty of value to your home. 

Having a well-designed kitchen in Ottawa is necessary for a higher resale value. Homeowners usually see at least an 80% return on their investment after a kitchen renovation. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home any time soon, knowing this can help homeowners feel more confident when designing the kitchen of their dreams.

All that sounds great, but how do you go about designing your dream kitchen? How do you create the ideal look while matching the kitchen’s functionality to your lifestyle? This guide will help you get started, whether you’re building a home from the ground up, or renovating your current kitchen. Let’s get started on designing your dream kitchen.


I love this part. In fact, the only thing better than dreaming about the features of your new kitchen is seeing your dreamkitchen become a reality. 

Start by exploring photos online. Model homes such as these here in the Findlay Creek and White Tail Ridge communities, demonstrate the standard for kitchens in our area. 

One thing many people don’t think about when designing a new kitchen is how creative you can get with customization. If you’re tall, build your counters to be a little taller than normal. If you love to bake, then consider an island for extra working space. If your dream kitchen means eco-sustainable materials, then work with an organization that can help buildyour dream kitchen to your eco-friendly standards. 


This is often the most difficult step to designing your dream kitchen. It’s likely you have a limited amount of funds; though refinancing your home for renovations is a common practice, especially if you’ve built up home equity. 

If you’re renovating your kitchen, don’t forget to consider tear down and removal services. It’s also tricky for renovators, because you’ll likely need to move some electrical or plumbing. However, if you’re building a new home then you can easily work with your builder for estimates.

There’s a lot to include in your kitchen budget: flooring, counters, appliances, cabinets and their hardware, lighting, skink(s), venting, etc. Discussing the budget is when you decide on the quality of these materials. Natural stone, for example, is in demand in the Ottawa area. Granite, quartz and marble make for durable and beautiful counters. They’ll also raise the value of your home. They are, however, more expensive than laminate, so while we do agree; natural stone is a worthwhile investment, the budget will be your best guide here. 


Once your budget is in place, you’ll want to discuss your list of wants and needs with your builder and designer. This will help you save time and money on the build and ensure you get everything you’re dreaming of. A designer will help you stick to your budget and if the possibility of selling your home is on the horizon, they’ll ensure your choices impact the resale value.

Planning a new build or renovation this size can be stressful. Working with the right team, however, should eliminate most of the pressure for you and in the end, you get to start cooking and dining in the kitchen of your dreams.