Fall Decorating Tips

Fall Decorating Tips by Phoenix Homes

One of the many joys of owning a house is being able to decorate your living space in the fall. The use of warm, cozy colours and rustic décor can instantly make a home inviting. And changes to your normal set up could be big alterations, or just subtle touch-ups. You will find that decorating for the fall can be easy and, most importantly, cost-effective! Let’s go room by room for a few decorating tips.

Decoration begins at the front door and porch. One of the main draws for fall is getting to don our comfy clothes, and the same principle can apply to your furniture. Dressing your porch furniture with cushions and thick folded blankets gives a sense of warmth to a crisp morning, and can be practical as well as visually stimulating. For the front door, what else could we suggest, but the versatile pumpkin? There are more ways to display your gourds than just carved. Most recently, painting pumpkins has been a very popular twist on tradition as a way to introduce some colour variation. A simple acrylic paint and a strip of painter’s tape, for example, can create a bold bi-toned salutation for anyone to cross your doorstep. Many of these tips can apply to your back patio as well!

As we step inside, we head through the entryway and into the living room. Fall can be brought into the home with as grand a project as installing a custom woodsy-feeling wallpaper, or as simple a task as changing your fabrics to match the season. Store the linens for next summer and bring out the plaid throws. Try switching out your existing couch pillows for some with fall motifs and colours (browns, oranges, reds, etc.…). Finally, some projects can be done in-home with scavenged goods, rather than bought at a store. Arrange some small maple branches in a vase for a stately decoration perfect for a hallway table. Or, gather some fresh leaves from the garden as they turn and set them throughout the room for some unexpected pops of colour.

Now, we’re in the dining room– where all the holiday magic happens. The dining table will serve as the centre of design potential for the home. The aforementioned fall colours are smart looks, and are best accented in moderation by gold and muted green tones. Additionally, copper items, such as hammered copper mugs or napkin rings, fit the warm autumn theme perfectly. Now, for the main event: the fall centrepiece. Some seasonal foliage, such as mums, ranunculus, and any wildflowers you may find, paired with a vintage container (or even a hollowed out gourd!) is a recipe for a quick and thrifty table decoration. You can also implement dark woven placemats and a tablecloth of neutral or deep fall shades to accent this festive centrepiece.

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