Flooring Options to Consider for Your Living Room

The options are almost endless when it comes to choosing the flooring for your living room, but sometimes too many choices make the decision worse. Where do you even start? That depends on your priorities. Do any members of your household suffer from allergies? Do you have kids? What about pets? 

The best way to determine the flooring for your family room is, to be honest about your lifestyle. This article explores the most popular flooring options to consider for your living room. 


Hardwood is by far the most popular material currently used on living room floors. Wood brings an organic element into your living space and can look great with pretty much any style of decor. Wood flooring is also known for its durability and long life. There are several different types of wood flooring available but the top choices worth exploring are:

  • HARDWOOD: A single piece of hardwood flooring is usually 18-20mm, which is why it lasts so long. It’s a classic look that will never go out of style. This is a great option for families with kids or pets as it holds up well against dropping sippy cups and cat claws, for example. 
  • ENGINEERED WOOD: This can be a good choice, especially in the Ottawa area where we see some fluctuations in the humidity; engineered wood is resistant to humidity. Something to keep in mind is splurging for a high-quality version that will allow you to refinish the top of the plank. If you ever end up denting or scratching your floor, high-quality engineered wood can be refinished easily to hide it, while lower-quality versions don’t offer this trait. 


Once upon a time, carpet was the most popular covering to have on your living room floors. It’s soft, warm, provides great sound and weather insulation and is comfortable for kids to play on. However, thanks to its required maintenance and more people suffering from allergies, carpet isn’t used as often in living rooms as it used to be. Pricing varies depending on style and brand with loop carpet being as cheap and plush carpet being more high-end.  


For years vinyl was only available on a roll, cut and sold just like carpet. It was a popular choice because of the price but was very hard to clean. Now vinyl has evolved into planks and tile which are luxurious looking and somewhat soft on your feet. 


Laminate is a cheaper product, usually chosen because of cost. A synthetic material, made by compressing multiple layers of HDF fiberboard; the bottom layer is moisture resistant and the top layer is a photographic image of real wood with a protective overlay. Don’t be fooled though, there’s a difference between “moisture resistant” and “waterproof”. When flooding or water damage happens to laminate, it buckles and is hard to repair.

There are many types of tile to choose from, but ceramic tile is by far the most popular. It’s used throughout the home because it’s a solid, hard surface that doesn’t hold onto dirt, grime, pollen, or dust. Ceramic tile is low maintenance and very difficult to chip or crack, if you do need to replace a tile, it can be a pretty simple job.