Income Series

An exclusive line-up of homes with income-earning basement suites for the savvy investor. The Income Series gives buyers a chance to offset their monthly mortgage payment through added rental income.

Why does this matter?

  • Earning rental income from your secondary unit… makes it easier for buyers like you to get approved
  • Earning rental income from your secondary unit… means you can pay down your home quicker
  • Earning rental income from your secondary unit… means more money in YOUR pocket at the end of every month

Who is the Income Series for?

  1. First-Time Buyers: The Income Series is a great option for buyers trying to enter the market that might not have otherwise been able to qualify for a mortgage on their own. Using the rental income from the secondary unit will offset your overall monthly payment (and lenders like this!)
  2. Multi-Generational Families: live in the main unit and have your kids or parent(s) live in the secondary unit, or vice versa!
  3. Investors: Purchase 1 home and generate income on 2 separate units!

Where can I buy the Income Series?

The Income Series is available right now in our Pathways, Findlay Creek community located in Ottawa South. Pathways is a family-friendly neighbourhood, close to nature, many walking trails, parks, great schools, and local amenities.

3 listings match your search criteria
Miraposa Plus
$ 1,069,000 +
$ 1,285,000 +
$ 999,000 +

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