How do I decorate my new home?

How do I decorate my new house now that I’ve bought it? As you are likely reeling from your big purchase, having to think of the cost of painting, new accessories, and new furniture can be nearly unbearable. But decorating your first house is not as costly or complicated as many make it out to be. With a good sense of what your budget can accommodate and some simple design concepts, a beautiful home that you feel comfortable in is just in reach.

Your initial response may be to go full-force at the first room that everyone sees when they walk in, to make a great impression. This is not a bad idea, but this way of doing it can very easily lead to a dazzling and very fancy sitting room while leaving the rest of the rooms in the house bare and empty shells resulting from lack of funds, energy, etc. Before rushing in to the store for new housewares, it would be prudent to think through a decorating plan. First off, consider that not everything needs to be bought at once, and that you should stagger your purchases over time, so as not to overextend your finances. Secondly, if you will be doing any painting or replacing any fixtures, try to start these projects as close to move in as you possibly can. Take care of the messier projects first. Finally, with the first two ideas in mind, think of the top three rooms in your house that will be used most often. As you familiarize yourself with your new home over the first few months, you will come to see which spaces you use most and where improvements are needed if necessary. If you prioritize your decorating and home improvement needs, you will have a beautiful looking home quicker, and all without compromising your wallet.

Thinning out your collection prior to moving is a must. It will save you on time spent packing stuff that might ultimately remain in a packed box for years after you’ve moved into the new house. And it will save you the effort of moving an entire house when you only need half of what you packed. Put away your sentimentality for a little bit and put on your practicality hat, asking these questions: Will I miss this? How long has it been since I’ve used it? Donating, selling, or trashing your unused stuff a few weeks before move-in will greatly reduce the physical and mental toll of moving, allowing fresh decoration ideas to filter through your decluttered mind.

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