How to Improve your Curb Appeal

Before they’ve even walked up to your front door, guests or a potential buyer has already made their first impression. When it’s a good one, you’re more likely to get top dollar. That means the exterior of your home needs to be well-kept and welcoming. You want your guests and potential buyers to smile when they arrive. Good curb appeal has the power to do that, which is why we’re focusing this article on how to improve your home’s curb appeal.


A recent article from demonstrates how important your doors are. A new front door typically offers a 75% return on investment. It’s also one of the key players in determining your home’s first impression. Buyers love to see steel doors because they help insulate your home, are durable and attractive.

A new garage door brings an even higher R.O.I. at 98%. Old or faulty garage doors don’t just look bad, they threaten your home’s energy efficiency. They can also lead to flooding and provide easy access to intruders. That’s why upgrading the garage door provides a near-perfect R.O.I..

If replacing the doors isn’t in the budget, many can be painted. New hardware can also dramatically change the look and feel of your entrance way. Your door handle, house number, and mailbox have the ability to date your house if they’re in bad condition.


One of the biggest ways to impact your curb appeal is to freshen up the siding of your home. Sometimes it’s as easy as renting a good power-washer for the afternoon.

Painting the exterior is a much larger job. Many DIYers try to take this on themselves, but it usually ends up being a lot more difficult than they predicted. Hiring a professional means you don’t have to worry about unsightly drips after the fact, or need to remove paint from windows and trim. You’ll be happy to know that getting your siding professionally painted really boosts the value of your home. In 2019, close to 1000 real estate agents were surveyed from across North America. They estimated the cost of painting a house was $3,500. The value added was $5,500, making the average R.O.I. between 50%-60%.

Don’t forget to spruce up the shutters and window frames. You can help make those features pop, with just a little freshening up.


The eye likes symmetry. It’s the easiest way to create a design. In fact, many designers recommend; when in doubt, use symmetry. Light fixtures on both sides of the garage door are a perfect example. Long driveways are another great area to practice symmetry with planters and lighting.


Your top priority for landscaping should be cleaning everything up. Tackle the weeds, cutback any overgrown shrubs and messy corners of the yard. This will significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. A garden and the surrounding landscape are meant to complement your home, not hide it.

When enhancing the appearance of your home, choose colourful plants. It helps to time your garden with different growing seasons, ensuring it’s beautiful right away in the spring, throughout summer, and even into the fall.

The porch, walkway and driveway should be in good repair. If you have rotting railings or wobbly steps potential buyers won’t feel safe entering your home. Speaking of safety, most homebuyers like to see a security system protecting their home. It’s important though, to keep aesthetics as well as function in mind, when choosing a system.