Opening Up Your Living Room

Does it feel like your shins are a magnet for your living room furniture, no matter which way you turn? Does your current living room layout feel too constricting? The thought of expansions and removing walls gives you a sense of dread — but what else can you do? Before committing to such a drastic and costly measure, there are several design tricks you can take advantage of to turn your dim cave of a living room into a spacious and inviting parlour.

Room design itself, as well as your furniture arrangement can make a world of difference. By selecting one focal point to base all other decoration around, you can set up a simple, yet powerful, visual effect. Say that your sitting room is mostly used for reading or entertaining guests: Designate a corner of the room as a reading nook, include a good reading lamp or two and decorate your wall with one or two good art pieces to accentuate this main corner. Organization does not mean sacrificing creativity for functionality, either — use shelving, dual-purpose furniture, and decorative containers to store clutter and still keep what you need close at hand!

Consistency in colour can create a more open room. A mindful application of the right colour palette can achieve the same openness that a naturally large room has. Employ the tried and true method of bright colours (whites, neutral greys and browns, etc.…), and co-ordinate your furniture accordingly. Having a cohesive set of furniture that matches the room’s paint will bring a sense of unity that conveys the sense of a bigger, more open feeling room, thanks to the psychological effect it has on the eyes. With furniture matching the walls, you can build in accents to the colour scheme by using a slightly darker shade for the trim and a lighter shade in the ceiling to complement the room’s main hue.

Small, cramped spaces, such as entryways, suffer from lack of direct light and consequently rely on artificial lighting which oftentimes lends a moody, grungy feeling to the home as soon as one enters the home (Hint: You can also try switching up the colour or brightness of your lightbulbs!). You can simultaneously alleviate the ambiance and expand the room’s feeling by using accent mirrors. They will reflect the natural light streaming through the windows, amplifying it and brightening up the dark corners. The use of mirrored furniture, such as mirror top tables or armoires with mirrored backs is a smart way to economize on space with the added benefit of bring light to the room.

Opening up your living room is accessible to anyone, regardless of their room size, or house type. Tasks as simple as just cleaning and maintaining an organized space can change a stuffy front room into a beautiful, livable space. If you happen to be looking for a new home, Phoenix Homes can help you find the perfect place with the space to fit any budget. Peruse our selection of new constructs, rentals, and condos on our website, and contact us for your next big step!