Bob and Helene LeBlanc

Being previous home owners, we had a pretty good idea as to what we wanted in a house and the questions to ask in order to satisfy our needs.

Once we decided to search for a house, we began looking on-line as to what was available in new homes. We definitely did not want to buy used for numerous reasons.

After compiling a few notes on various home builders, we set out to visit their model home sites. After having gone through half dozen builders or so and having visited a lot of model homes, we became overwhelmed – in other word “numb”!  Too much information as they say.  We liked certain things in one house and other things in another.  My wife and I tend to be critical when it comes to large decisions such as buying a house which I feel should be a necessity for all home buyers (critical that is !).

On our last visit which I believe was on a Saturday, we decided to give it a rest for a few weeks and go at it again once we recuperated. On our way back to our old house, we passed by a “Phoenix Homes” sign and decided to give it one more shot. As we drove up to the sales office, we noticed that we were a bit early before opening time. As we turned around to leave, the door of the sales office was unlocked and we were greeted by the best sales person ever! We were a half hour early and she took time to listen to us and to make a long story short, we bought the house that she recommended which fulfilled all of our requirements in the type of  house that we were looking for including the” Fernbank Crossing” location in Kanata.  I can’t say enough about Phoenix Homes. They treated us with genuine concern and provided us with all the information that we needed.

Next was the real fun part – selecting all of the materials that went into finishing our house such as flooring, counter tops and cabinets, type and colour of bricks and siding. There were no problems making a number of changes such as having an island in the kitchen and increasing the width of our family room. We spent a number of enjoyable hours with Trish at the Phoenix Homes Design Centre and couldn’t have been more pleased with the service that we received. Did not feel rushed and boy did she come up with some great ideas and recommendations.

We loved our house so much, we were checking out the building process once and sometimes twice a week.  Never once did I see poor workmanship and “good enough” scenarios from the workers. We did our first walk-through prior to the interior finishing and approved everything since there were no surprises. A couple or so months later, we did our second and final walk-through just prior to our taking possession and brought in an expert to assist us. The house was structurally very sound and the finishing was expertly done with a few cosmetic details that were quickly taken cared of prior and shortly after we moved in. “They do what they say!” and they (Phoenix Homes) do it well.

My wife and I are totally in love with our house and cannot stress enough how fortunate we were in having chosen Phoenix Homes as our builder.

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