Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

Whether you’re an interior designer, or just looking to change things up, decorating your bedroom is a fun but challenging project. From bedding to nightstands, lighting and curtains; there’s plenty to play around with. All these selections can make it easy to get off track and forget about your top priorities: designing a space that’s both functional and comfortable. This guide has been constructed to keep you on track for creating your ideal space, with tips for decorating your bedroom.


You could have the biggest bedroom in Ottawa, with plenty of floor space, but the “weight” of your furniture still has the power to make things feel cramped or unorganized. All furniture has a visual weight. Imagine a bed frame for example. If your bed sits on a metal frame hidden below a skirt, it has a much lighter visual weight than a bed inside a wooden frame. That wooden frame though, is still visually lighter than a bed with a wooden frame and posts on each corner. All three beds may take up the same amount of floor space, but they have different visual weights. 

It’s not to say that you can’t use the larger bed frame with posts, but you’ll need to design the remainder of your bedroomwith that in mind. The bed is a good example, and perhaps the best place to start when decorating, as it’s often the centrepiece or focal point of the room. 

bonus tip regarding the visual weight of your room. If you feel the weight or balance is off, mirrors are a great way to correct it. Mirrors create a negative visual weight, almost as though they add space to the room. 


When decorating a child’s bedroom, we tend to use bright or bold colours. This creates a fun, invigorating space. Such an environment is beneficial for kids who often use their bedroom for homework or playing. For adults, however, subdued colours are recommended because they’re relaxing. 

This doesn’t mean your bedroom will be boring; neutral colours like a soft cream, are a popular choice for wall paint and can be paired with almost any colour of comforter. You can also add colour with curtains or lampshades. Additionally, accent walls have become popular in bedrooms, along with painting the ceiling. Our model homes are a source of inspiration when it comes to bedrooms, check out this gallery to see what’s trendy for bedrooms in the Ottawa area. 


To keep your bedroom the sanctuary it should be, it needs to be clutter-free. Unfortunately, many of us end up piling junk from other rooms into the bedroom, especially when company’s coming. If walking around your bedroom isn’t possible without maneuvering around piles of clothing or books, then your subconscious is picking up on it, boosting your cortisol levels. That seems like a lot of unnecessary stress. Instead, pick functional furniture with shelves and drawers. 

It’s also useful to think vertically. If space is limited, then look for storage you can attach to the wall. A shelf hung a few feet above your dresser will maximize your storage space without taking up floor space.


These tips are intended to inspire and maybe help you make decisions along the way. The most important advice you could follow, is to be true to your own personal style. Function and comfort are your top priorities, but if your bedroomisn’t decorated to suit your needs, then you won’t feel comfortable. 

The bedroom is such an important space and there’s plenty of other considerations including your lighting and linens. You can find tips for choosing those here. We also offer the Seven Basic Elements of Interior Design, to help ensure you’re on the right track.