Top Trending Home Layouts

The housing market is always changing here in Ottawa, as is the technology we use to design new homes, and the materials used to build them. Knowing what you need from your house goes a long way in helping to choose a layout. 

This guide will show off the top trending home layouts, so you can see what’s new and why it’s so popular. 

Over the last few years, the idea of two master suites has been one of the biggest growing trends in new home design. The suites are either on separate floors or opposite ends of the same floor. Often referred to as “princess suites”, the growing demand for dual suites is due to the flexibility they provide for function and luxury.  

It’s still a relatively new concept so there aren’t many resale homes in Ottawa that offer this option yet. Phoenix Homes has received many requests for dual master suites, in fact, the beautiful Chesapeake model has an option for four bedrooms, two of which are master suites. 


We have seen how family rooms and living rooms get treated over the years; easily “invaded” by friends and guests. Video games and movies are usually enjoyed here. That’s where the family loft comes in – a place to quietly enjoy each other’s company, read a book, or finish homework.

The family loft is usually upstairs surrounded by bedrooms, which is why it’s an area dedicated to quiet activity. The Madison floor plan is a great example of a beautiful new build with a family loft and options up to five bedrooms. 


For decades, designers have reworked the kitchen to find new and better layouts for our lifestyles. Recently, the idea of an oversized island has become popular, especially in big families. 

Big kitchens are often must-have’s on the list, and right now big islands are in demand too. Customers have been asking for islands that are five feet deep, with back to back cabinets on each side. Each cabinet is 24 inches deep, allowing an extra foot for the counter to overhang, and the family to sit. This extra space isn’t just used for dining, but a workspace for homework or paperwork and storage space for small appliances or cookbooks. 

The length of islands is also being extended to allow room for an extra sink, dishwasher, and wine coolers are especially popular. 

The idea of an oversized island is not only functional, it’s fun. It’s a unique opportunity to create a design that you can incorporate into the rest of the kitchen. The Rutherford model has a large kitchen with a breakfast nook that would be great for a big family and gatherings around an oversized island. 


Some families have three cars, others request it simply for the space. In the past decade, garages have been upgraded to three cars by 20% of new home owners. 

Deeper and taller garages are also in demand. According to Builder Magazine “the newest symbol of status in home ownership is the size of the garage to fit the family’s SUVs.”  Taller vehicles, campers and boats are being stored at home too. The Gregorian by Phoenix Homes is a stylish, comfortable home with plenty of room for an extra large garage. 


The demand for income generating property has been rising steadily for decades in Ottawa. A basement suite is a popular choice among Millennial homeowners looking to supplement their income with some rental dollars. While Gen X’ers are using the suite to keep an aging parent at home. Phoenix Homes offer an exclusive line-up of homes with income-earning basement suites for the savvy investor.


One trend with incredible upswing the past couple of years is building Energy Star rated homes. Designers and engineers are changing the way they build, with attention on eco-friendly designs and supplies. Using fewer resources and more locally sourced materials to build tighter, more insulated buildings. 

From smart technology to solar panels, the number of zero-net energy homes is on the rise.