What are the Benefits of Building a New Home

There are two options available when you move into a new home; the most common is purchasing a resale property (a home that’s been previously lived in). The other option is a new build. Both have their advantages, but building a new home is full of excitement, so that’s what we’re focusing on in this article; the benefits of building a new home.


The ability to build and customize your dream home is one of the biggest benefits of a newly constructed home. Just imagine:
If you love natural light, then you can choose to put in larger windows or a skylight.
A beautiful kitchen like the one featured in the Springfield home is great to show off to your guests. But having a kitchen that can meet your needs, such as taller counters, for a tall family, feels more like home.
If mobility aids are required by a family member, getting wider door frames won’t be a problem.
Need more closet space? Just ask!

Personalization can extend beyond the interior. Choosing the materials for your exterrior, as well as the colour allows you to make a statement with your home. Customizing your driveway, front porch, the trim around your windows, your back deck and more are also easy to do.


Built-in gas fireplaces, multi-function storage, taller basements; there’s a lot of modern conveniences that come with a new build. While it is possible to renovate an older home to get some new features (i.e. adding a dishwasher by tearing down and rerouting the plumbing and electrical) there are some conveniences that can’t be added after the fact such as taller basements with geothermal flooring.

Building a new home opens a world of possibilities to new features that make your home more attractive and/or more functional. Even little things like having more (grounded) outlets around the house is appreciated by most homeowners.


A wonderful benefit of building a new home is working with better construction materials. In 2011, Phoenix Homes built the most advanced Green Tech home in the City of Ottawa. The house was made from every bit of green technology available. Not only do these materials stand the test of time, they’re sustainable and hold up against our Ottawa weather.

Building new makes it easy to add features such as blown-in insulation to reduce your energy consumption. It’s also likely your home would be outfitted with new Energy Star rated appliances as well. Having an efficient home like this pays off in the long run.


It’s comforting to move into your newly constructed home, knowing it should be repair-free… at least, for the first few years. If you do face repairs in the beginning it will likely be under warranty. If you’ve ever moved into an older home and experienced flooding in the basement, leaks in the roof, or old wiring that’s not up to code, then you’ll definitely appreciate knowing you’re protected from that. This peace of mind is priceless.


We want you to enjoy your dream home for many years, but when you do decide to sell, it’s nice to know (in most cases) you can list it for a higher price than older homes in the neighbourhood.


The best place to start when considering a new build is with some inspiration. When you have an idea of the community you’d like to build in, reach out. Viewing our model homes in person will spark some creativity and get the ball rolling for you. Our team has been helping homeowners like you for over 30 years; we’d be happy to help you design and build the home you’ve always wanted.