What to Expect Living in a Residential Community

Purchasing a home of your very own is a goal for many young adults. It often means that you worked hard enough and long enough to make a lifelong investment in yourself and your family. As wonderful as being a homeowner can be, it is undoubtedly a lot of work. On top of expenses, you need to consider the amount of time it will take for you to maintain your green space and your home’s interior, all while working full-time to support yourself. Residential communities, such as the one here at DCR Phoenix, are designed to make life easier on a homeowner. Here are some things to expect while living in a residential community:


Green Space Is Taken Care of For You


Living in a residential community means that maintenance and upkeep on your green space are taken care of for you. Yard work is not only difficult and tiresome, but it can become quite the expenditure. Living in a residential community defines what it means to live in a ‘convenient’ situation. You won’t be responsible for managing your yard, including cutting the grass, trimming bushes, or planting trees. Homeowners will still have the freedom to customize their yard (i.e. patios and backyard terraces but will be covered in terms of pest control and yard management.


Utilities Are Included in Your Monthly Payments


Living in a residential community simplifies your monthly payments. If you were to purchase a home that wasn’t in a residential community, your utilities, including hydro and water usage, would typically need to pay separately, which could lead a homeowner into forgetting to pay one or another. Combining bills makes life and organizing your finances much easier. You may see installments for natural gas, recycling & trash servicing, as well as insurance fees.


Your Issues Are Heard and Dealt With


One of the biggest concerns we hear from homeowners that don’t live in residential communities is that their concerns are not being listened to or dealt with. We enact protocol to ensure all residents can live comfortably and securely in their community. Whether you’re forced to deal with noisy or interruptive neighbours, moderators and community administrators will make sure you don’t have to confront your neighbours, which will help maintain your relationships. Security measures are also prioritized as security personnel will be patrolling the neighbourhood at all points of the day.


Living in an elegantly designed bungalow, townhome, condo, semi-detached residence or a single-family home is what many homebuyers strive for, which makes the added benefits of living in a residential community even more lucrative. For more information and general inquiries on finding a new home, contact DCR Phoenix Homes today!