How Different Colours of Paint in Your Home Will Affect Your Mood

Every home is different, and every homeowner has a unique style. As homebuilders, we are consistently looking for new ways to impress our clients and create a living space that speaks to them personally. Each room in your home has the potential to be whatever you imagine it to be, and one way for you to infuse a room with personality is to give it a new paint job. It’s important to be mindful when choosing the colour of paint for your rooms, as each colour will affect your mood differently. Here are a few differences between the most popular room colours for homeowners:

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Green is a natural colour, it reflects the colour of the leaves on the trees and in forestry habitats. It’s the colour of healing, relaxation and rest. We feel calm when around green, and it has been known to decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and heightened sensitivity. Using green as an accent colour is ideal for reading/writing rooms, baby’s rooms, or bathrooms.




Blue is an extremely popular colour choice for homeowners, utilizing a variety of different shades, including navy blue, sky blue or baby blue. Blue induces feelings of serenity. Blue can be perceived as strong/confident or warm/friendly, depending on the shade of blue and the viewpoint of the homeowner. Blue can be exciting and energizing, but it has the potential to promote a calm and cool easiness that many others simply cannot. Blue is an ideal colour for adult bedrooms, child bedrooms and kitchens.




In terms of interior design, beige is as neutral as colours come. It is not a loud colour, and it does not command your attention; instead, it allows you to choose how you want it to be seen. Beige conveys the clarity of a room and boasts a unique elegance and royalty that speak to the classiness and pleasantness of a home. Beige is possibly the most versatile colour on this list, and it is an ideal solution for foyers, living rooms, bathrooms and family rooms!




Black is technically a shade, not a colour, which provides homeowners with a unique opportunity to utilize it in different areas of their home. Black is powerful, authoritative, and prestigious. Black can be mysterious, interesting, provocative and dramatic. Black may make a room appear tinier than it is, but that’s okay if you want a piece of furniture to pop out and become the center of attention. Black does a great job of highlighting key elements in a room and limits the amount of glare from inbound sunlight, as well. Black is ideal for teenager bedrooms (in fact, blackboard paint can be a wonderfully creative outlet for young teens), living rooms, or studios (i.e. music rooms, podcast rooms, etc.)


Choosing the colours of your home is great, but you must first find your dream home. Visit our design centre today for more inspiration for your new home!

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