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3 Important Reasons You Should Seek A Mortgage Pre-Approval Loan

Shopping for a new home is an exciting process, and while casually checking out area models can be fun, serious buyers should really start the process in their lender’s office. As a potential buyer, you benefit in a couple of different ways from the knowledge you will gain from that first meeting with a lender. […]

Choosing the Correct Lighting for your new Home

When talking about lighting, one can define three types that serve different functions: ambient, task and accent lighting. Each one has its purpose, and when used together, can make your living space feel both sophisticated and cozy. Ambient lighting fills rooms with light, mimicking the sun’s natural light and providing general illumination. The other two […]

How do I decorate my new home?

How do I decorate my new house now that I’ve bought it? As you are likely reeling from your big purchase, having to think of the cost of painting, new accessories, and new furniture can be nearly unbearable. But decorating your first house is not as costly or complicated as many make it out to […]

Modernizing the Home

Modern home presentation is a big to-do, as many of the younger generation is learning as they begin to move into their own spaces. Often with no formal training, so many people find themselves uncertain in how to transform their new blank canvas into a modern, elegant home that they can be proud of and […]

Opening Up Your Living Room

Does it feel like your shins are a magnet for your living room furniture, no matter which way you turn? Does your current living room layout feel too constricting? The thought of expansions and removing walls gives you a sense of dread — but what else can you do? Before committing to such a drastic […]

Moving tips to make your move a breeze

All of your big decisions have been finalized, you have closed on the house, and your wrist aches from all the signatures. Now comes the heavy lifting.  You take to Facebook to put out a plea to your friends for labor in exchange for drinks and food, and to see if anyone has a truck or knows where to get one. It is a lot to organize in a very short window of time. Preparations of buying a home are numerous, and many of them complicated.  We would like to give a couple of tips and tricks that will help you economize and make your moving day the smoothest step of your home buying process.

Fall Decorating Tips

One of the many joys of owning a house is being able to decorate your living space in the fall. The use of warm, cozy colours and rustic décor can instantly make a home inviting. And changes to your normal set up could be big alterations, or just subtle touch-ups. You will find that decorating […]

Resell or buy new?

One decision that should not go undiscussed when entering the home buying process is the big question of should you buy a previously owned home or have a new home built? Older homes can fit well with certain situations. For those with an extensive commute, old homes are most common in city centres, which may […]

Three Tips for Finding the Right Neighbourhood

So you’ve made the decision to begin looking for your next living arrangement. You’ve thought about what styles you like, planned the type of dwelling that suits you, dreamed of that perfect open concept plan. But before you can settle on all of the inside touches, considerations need to be made regarding what’s outside of […]

Why Income Properties or In-Law Suites Are Right for You

Most homeowners aren’t aware that they could be making extra money every month simply by renting out a part of their home. By purchasing a home with an income suite or in-law suite, you can rent out part of your home while still having plenty of space for your own family. Many families and homeowners […]

Useful Tips for First-Time Home-buyers

Buying your very first home is certainly an exciting time in your life. The problem with doing something for the first time is that you often don’t know exactly what you’re doing which can be stressful. Luckily there are millions of people who’ve purchased homes before so plenty of tips are available to help you […]

Three Questions You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Home

Buying a home is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While most people would prefer to buy a new home if they could and the circumstances were right, it takes a bit of time and personal reflection to determine whether or not you’re quite ready to buy a new home. Here are three questions […]