5 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Fall has arrived, and with it comes the need for you to prepare your new home for winter. From weather-proofing to choosing the right decor indoors and out, these important tips will have your brand-new bungalow the talk of the town – for all the right reasons!



Autumn is all about warm colours, so stick with brilliant crimson, vibrant yellow-orange, dandelion yellow, and rich wine shades. As a general rule 5 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Fallof thumb, earth tones work best during fall, especially when paired with any of the fall colours found within autumn leaves in the north. Stay away from pinks, greens, and purples, as these tend to be too summery and bright for the season.



Wooden and wicker furniture is especially suitable for fall decor themes, especially if the finish allows the natural wood to shine through. Adirondack chairs placed in the yard, wicker swings on the porch, and small wooden side tables lined with decorative gourds just inside the door work well. Set out pots of dried cinnamon-scented potpourri and enjoy the best of what fall has to offer. This is also an excellent time to set out a backyard fire bowl or fire pit; crackling wood and roasted marshmallows set the tone for relaxation and conversation.




Finish up your home prepFinish up your home prep with pretty fall-appropriate lighting. A row of mini-lights along your patio or draped just under the leaves is subtle, pretty, and appreciated. If you want to step things up just a bit, outdoor pendant lights in the shape of leaves, Japanese paper lanterns, or antique cast-iron lanterns make an excellent addition, too. Place them at points where they’ll guide guests inside when they arrive.

Searching for a new condo apartment or home? We hope these home décor tips will give you plenty of ideas for your new home. Be sure to visit Phoenix Homes to explore just how amazing cottage life can be.

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