Buying a New Home in Ontario? What Kind of Property Is Right for You?

Congratulations on embarking on one of the most exciting and memorable journeys in your life: home-ownership. Everyone will remember the process of purchasing their first home, picking up the keys, and stepping through the door for the first time. It’s that happy moment the Phoenix Homes team is passionate about sharing. We’re here to help you understand and prepare for this next step in life as much as we can, so when you’re ready to buy a new home in Ontario, we have just what you need.

Before you even begin your house hunting, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which type of property is right for your family. Here, we’ve shared a few tips for finding a home you can grow into for many years to come.

Why Buy a New Home?

There are several reasons we recommend that potential homeowners seriously consider purchasing a new home instead of a resale. If you’ve owned a house before, then you likely already understand the effort required to maintain and update an older house. For first-time buyers, understanding the reality of that seemingly perfect DIY home is important before you commit to a mortgage.

With a new home, there are no problem areas to fix before you move in, or outdated design or decor to update. This can save you untold sums, such as those incurred when a small bathroom update reveals much more serious and expensive problems. For those who like putting their own touch on a home, however, a new residence doesn’t mean a cookie-cutter design. At the Phoenix Homes communities in Ottawa, you’ll be involved in choosing a floor plan, selecting the latest smart home technology to install (from efficient heating systems to wireless controls), and finalizing your choice of interior details. All this without the DIY labor! Choosing a new home means many, many years of enjoyment before you’ll ever have to think about replacing a roof, furnace, or outdated kitchen appliance.

If you still have questions about the true value of a new home, take a look at Five Reasons to Buy a New Home, or come visit one of the Phoenix Homes communities and tour our model homes.

Types of Homes to Consider for Your Family

When searching for a new home, you must consider the needs of your family. The Phoenix Homes communities throughout Ottawa include different sizes and features, like convenient condos and townhomes for maintenance-free living that’s suited to smaller families or single adults. When you don’t have to worry about keeping up a yard and other parts of traditional home ownership, living in these housing options gives you the joy of ownership without the over-investment of your time.

For those needing more living space, you might consider a semi-detached home, a bungalow, or a single family home to fulfill your requirements and afford even more ways to customize your house until it feels like home.

If you’d like to see model homes of these different housing options, please contact Phoenix Homes. We’ll be happy to help you start your house hunt with a clear idea of what each home type looks like and which one is best suited to your future.

Contact Phoenix Homes and let’s start house hunting today!