Choosing a Front Door

Although choosing a front door may not seem difficult at first, there are several options that need to be considered. Your front door must not only look attractive but must also be able to withstand the weather and keep your Phoenix home secure.
Choosing a Front Door

Steel Doors

Steel is a popular choice because it can take all kinds of abuse. Any repairs to dents or scratches to a steel door can be fixed with the tools found in an auto body repair kit. Steel doors, with their high insulating values, can save you money on energy—and the fact that they are inexpensive can save you even more.

However, it is true that steel tends to have a shorter overall lifespan than its wood or fibreglass counterparts. As well, the fact that steel will rust may not make it the ideal choice if your home is located in an area that receives wet weather or experiences extreme high or low temperatures.

Fibreglass Composite

Fibreglass composite doors on new condos for sale in Ottawa are quite durable. They also require virtually no maintenance. Their long life is another reason homeowners choose this material for their front doors. In fact, some companies will warranty a fibreglass door for as long as you live in your home.

Durability and long life make fibreglass doors ideal for areas of humid climate and harsh temperatures. Their inner core is made of foam, which allows fibreglass to offer a very high level of insulation in addition to moderate affordability.

Front Door


The natural beauty of wood can add a lot of luxury when installed as a front door. However, in order to keep it looking beautiful, wood requires a moderate degree of maintenance. Your wood door will last much longer if it is not exposed to direct sunlight, which can cause it to dry and crack. As well, wood doors should be protected from humidity where possible to avoid warping.

Wood doors protected by a high-gloss finish or durable stain will last longest. You can also apply the stain on your own, but, if doing this, remember to also stain the bottom and top edges to prevent moisture from entering.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re considering buying a condo with a steel door, consider sunlight exposure. Too much will cause the door to heat to a degree that can burn skin if touched. Pairing a steel door with an aluminum storm door can cause damage to the former’s finish, voiding some manufacturers’ warranties.

Fibreglass doors may require periodic resealing if directly exposed to harsh weather. Wood doors will last longest when installed in a shaded or covered location, such as beneath an overhang.

Among the many other factors which determine the energy efficiency of any front door, weather-stripping, flashing, and proper installation are the most important.

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