Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Home Maintenance Tips by Phoenix Homes

Seasonal changes not only bring new temperatures and weather, they also mean that there are certain things that homeowners need to do in order to properly maintain upkeep on their houses both inside and out. With summer just around the corner, you want to prepare your home for those hot days.

No matter if you’ve just purchased one of our new homes in Ottawa or your home is decades old, taking proper steps to protect your home is a must. Here are summer maintenance tips to protect your home from heat and humidity.

Air Conditioner Checkup

Summer is when your air conditioning unit will get the most use. To ensure that you’re not at risk of the unit failing in the dead heat of summer, take the time now to give it a good look over. Some things you’ll want to do to prep your AC unit include:

  • Changing the air filter
  • Getting air ducts cleaned
  • Removing any debris from around and inside the unit
  • Cleaning the outer covers
  • Repairing bent fins to avoid airflow issues

By taking care of your AC unit before the heat comes, you can have the peace of mind that you won’t be stuck without the cooling air you need!

Clean Ceiling Fans

On those moderately warm summer days, you may be able to avoid running the AC and, instead, just use fans to keep the air moving throughout your home.

Over time, ceiling fan blades are notorious for collecting dust and other debris. To avoid spreading the dust around your home, take the time to thoroughly clean each ceiling fan blade. You can use a wet cloth or try using a dryer sheet to get rid of that pesky dust!

Wash the Windows

After winter and spring, chances are your windows have collected all sorts of dirt and dust. With the warm weather and long days, set aside time to wash your windows inside and out. While this maintenance tip requires a little elbow grease, clean windows are well worth the effort!

For a long-lasting clean, mix a bucket of warm water, soapy water, and window cleaner for shiny streak-free windows.

Boost Exterior Appearance

Summer means more people are spending time outdoors, which means that you want your home to look its best. Make your home shine and sparkle by tackling quick exterior home maintenance projects. You can easily (and cheaply!) touch up the paint on your home’s exterior, such as on the siding or shutters. You can even repaint your porch or restain your deck or fence.

If you’re not afraid to use your green thumb, plant a new flower bed to give your home a burst of color. There’s nothing more appealing than new condos in Ottawa that have top-notch curbside appeal.

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