How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Make a Small Room Look Bigger

If you live in a small apartment or condo, or just a small home in Ottawa, you know the struggle of dealing with less than optimal living quarters. The good news is that there are tons of easy solutions to make your cozy space look more inviting and spacious. Keep reading for must-try tips for a bigger looking room.

Get Rid of Clutter

As time passes, we’re all guilty of keeping items that we just don’t need. A small space can be bad, but a cramped small space is even worse. The first step in making a small room look bigger is to reduce clutter. Neatly arrange your items using shelves and put things away that you don’t need in the room.

Choose Furniture Wisely

While no one can pass up a super plush couch or a huge coffee table, if you’re dealing with a small space your furniture decisions matter. When choosing furniture for a small space:

  • Go armless.
  • Choose ottomans and open chairs.
  • Accessorize with low tables, shelving, and tall pieces.

If space is a virtue, you’ll need to choose your furniture wisely.

Keep Walkways Open

Furniture, especially improperly placed pieces, can eat up space in a room. To maintain an open feel, keep your furniture out of walkways. This gives visitors a clear path to moving around the room. Plus, the more flooring you can see, the bigger the room will look.

Embrace Light

A well-lit room looks much more open and inviting than a dark one. If your room has windows, embrace the natural light! Avoid using heavy drapes and, instead, opt for flowing options. No windows? Artificial lighting is just as impactful.

Embrace Soft Hues

Paint changes the entire look and feel of a room. Dark, warm colors can close in a room, giving it a very cozy and intimate feel. However, if you want to make a room look more spacious, you’re better off using light, cool colors. Light grays, blues, and soft greens will make your space feel open and airy.

Keep the Same Color Scheme Throughout

With small spaces, sticking with the same color scheme and hues is helpful in making a room look bigger. Contrasting colors can break up space, whereas furniture that blends with the rest of the room creates a natural flow.


Mirrored walls may not be “in” these days, but we can all agree that they make rooms look bigger. If you’re not a fan of an entire wall of reflective surfaces, install a large mirror in the room instead. Over-sized mirrors reflect light and space, creating the feeling of a larger room.

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