Moving & Packing Tips by Phoenix Homes

We’ve polled our staff for a few of their favorite, go-to moving tips. Here are some of the best ones we gathered:

Preparation is key

  • Research your new city or community and begin transfer arrangements for school for your children, bank accounts, and prescriptions. Check out local amenities, investigate new service providers, and explore new community groups, sports activities, and clubs.
  • Check with your insurance provider to see if you have any moving coverage.
  • Start stashing away boxes for packing. Diaper, printer paper, and liquor boxes are all sturdy and relatively easy to come by.
  • Schedule your professional movers, reserve your moving truck, or recruit trustworthy friends about a month before you move.
  • Redirect your mail two to three weeks prior to your move date.
  • Call to schedule your services and utilities about two weeks before you move.

Get packing

  • Start early and pack items that are out of season or seldom used.
  • While you are sorting through your seldom-used items, take the opportunity to donate things you don’t want, need, or use.
  • Don’t mix your boxes – keep the items in each box limited to one area of your new home.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavy items like books.
  • Wrap your plates, glasses, and other delicate items in things you have to pack anyway like clean clothes, towels, and linens.
  • Label everything properly – clearly mark the room, if the box is high priority, and a list of items inside. Be sure to place a label on all sides of the boxes and not just the top.
  • As you take apart furniture, put the screws into a plastic baggie, label it, and tape to the piece of furniture they belong to.
  • Pack important documents into one box and keep with you during the move.
  • Take pictures while you pack and dismantle – electronics before you disconnect the tangle of cords or expensive furniture in case of moving damage.
  • Tape your boxes well and fill your boxes. Half empty boxes will get squished during the move and half-taped boxes can bust at the seams.

The big day

  • Prep a moving day box and pack this onto the truck last. Essentials vary but most include:
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Paper plates and napkins
    • Garbage bags
    • Toiletries, towels, and change of clothes
    • DVD player and movies to keep kids entertained
    • Coffee maker
  • Unpack and sort room by room to keep from getting overwhelmed.
  • As you unpack, break down the boxes so that they aren’t in your way and are ready for recycling.
  • Donate AGAIN as you unpack – if you can’t remember why you kept it or can’t find a place to put it, donate!

Hope these tips help you on YOUR big moving day when the time comes. Let our sales agents help you find your next dream home, contact us today!

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