Best places to get houseplants in Ottawa, yes even plants for low light spaces

Bringing plants into your home will – quite literally – breathe life into your new space! Plants have been shown to positively impact everything from mood and mental health to indoor air quality. That’s why we put together this list of Ottawa house plant sources that you must visit as you decorate your new home.

Where to buy houseplants in Ottawa

Canadian Tire on Carling Ave
2165 Carling Ave, Ottawa
The modern Canadian Tire headquarters are sporting one of the city’s biggest plant departments, with small to large houseplants as well as palms and other plants you can move between your indoor and outdoor space. Check them out for frequent sales and specials!

585 W Hunt Club Rd, Nepean
This RONA location has one of the most charming year-round plant sections located in a cozy greenhouse built onto the main building. With its small koi pond and wide selection of hanging plants, it’s a wonderfully serene place to visit any time of the year. Here you’ll find affordable houseplants to bulk up your indoor jungle without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to check out their amazing orchid collection!

2685 Iris St, Ottawa
You don’t think of IKEA as a houseplant source, but you will find live plants there year-round. What they lack in selection, they make up for in affordability. If you need filler plants for your wall garden or patio, this is the place to go.

Flowers Talk Tivoli on Wellington Drive
282 Richmond Rd, Ottawa
When you’re ready to really make a plant statement! One of Ottawa’s most renowned florists, this shop also boasts a wide range of unusual and statement houseplants. Check out their website for updated photos of the plants they have on offer. From tiny succulents to full-size trees, everyone will find something to their taste!

Plant & Curio
173 Preston St, Ottawa
Your visit to this adorable shop is guaranteed to be a fun experience! They offer plants ranging from easy-care to rare and unusual – and feel free to ask them for advice about your specific space. Even better – check out their collection of handmade ceramics to give your plants even more personality with unique planters and pots!

Ritchie Feed and Seed
1390 Windmill Ln, Gloucester
One of Ottawa’s original garden centres, this company has been around since 1927! You will find everything you need for indoor and outdoor plants. And why stop there? They also offer pet supplies, wild bird feeders, and more!  

Peter Knippel Garden Centre
4590 Bank Street, Ottawa
A local, family-run, garden centre with helpful staff offering great gardening advice. They have a nice selection of house plants and cute pots but an even larger selection of outdoor plants for your garden.

Low light houseplants for your new home

When curating your indoor plant decor, it’s important to match each space to the houseplants’ needs for light. However, a low light area does not mean you need to forego your plants! If you’re short on window space, you can still draw in plenty of green—you just need to pick the right plants. Below is a list of low light plant options that will liven up any space.

Spider Plants
Spider plants, sometimes referred to as airplane plants, have long, thin leaves with white edges and green centers. These long and leggy leaves look very similar to a spider’s legs, delicate but commanding of attention; hence, their illustrative name. These are the plants that are the most forgiving to beginner plant owners and people who travel frequently. Neglect them and they just bounce back!

ZZ Plants
No relation to the legendary ZZ Top, ZZ Plants are tough as nails in both appearance and care. Their slightly rubbery and shiny exterior repels dust, humidity, mold, and just about everything else, so you can forget this one for weeks and still find it alive. Many homeowners find the ZZ Plant grows perfectly well in only artificial light, so don’t be afraid to put it in bathrooms or interior hallways. 

Lady Palm
Want to achieve that beachy, seaside tropics feel? A Lady Palm fits the bill just fine without demanding too much space. Unlike small palm trees, the Lady Palm is technically a bush. Beautiful fan-style fronds with long, thin leaves give it a thick, lush appearance. In the wild, it grows undercover beneath giant palm trees, so it’s just as happy on a shelf as it is on a balcony. Just be sure to add palm fertilizer once a year.

The Pothos is one of America’s best-known houseplants, and with good reason: It’s remarkably tolerant and easy to grow. It comes in a variety of cultivars and colors, ranging from smaller delicate leaves to bright green nearly-neon behemoths. These are the plants you see sitting for months at your local garden center, but don’t underestimate them. Some people grow a single plant successfully for decades.

Mistletoe Cactus
Mistletoe cactus (no relation to actual mistletoe) has a strange and sort of ethereal appearance. Tiny, delicate offshoots stand in place of leaves and bunch together, giving the plant a delicate lacy look. This is a fantastic plant to place up high on a shelf; it will grow downward like a gorgeous green vine. Because this is technically a cactus, it requires only minimal watering.

Also called heartleaf, this gorgeous bright green plant features large, open leaves with white striations. It’s also one of the easiest, regular-care-requiring plants on this list. Water only when the soil is dry and place in partial sun—it will happily survive and thrive.

Snake Plant
The distinctive upright and densely set leaves of the snake plant are easy to recognize. This plant will be at home in any décor, from sleek and modern to shabby chic and vintage-inspired. Snake plants actually come in many different varieties with colour variations on the leaves, stripes, and various sizes and do not require a lot of light – or frequent watering – to be happy, making it a great choice for home offices, stairwells, and basements.

If you’ve added lots of plants and your house still doesn’t feel like home, maybe it’s time to start looking at new homes in Ottawa to put down roots? Whether you choose a house or a condo, Phoenix Homes can help. Our luxury homes give you plenty of space to grow a veritable garden; it’s all up to you what you plant. Call us today and grow something wonderful with us!

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