Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Architect

There is little that compares to the excitement you get when watching your dream home turn from scribbles on paper into reality. Whether it’s building a brand-new home or watching your old one change before your eyes, homeowners are often taken with delight at this process. What many will know, having been through this process, is that hiring the right architect is of the utmost importance. From design strategy to personality, ensure that you hire the right Ottawa home builders for your needs.

Hiring an Architect

You may have spent a great deal of time and energy making your dream home into achievable goals. Because of this, choosing your architect isn’t a decision to take lightly. This person will be the brains behind the whole project and will help to overcome obstacles and keep expenses in line with your budget, whether it is to build condominiums in Ottawa or add to an existing property.

A great way to start is to ask friends and colleagues for recommendations and research local architects. Once you’ve identified potential candidates, discuss their work and your project to see if they would be a good fit. Don’t forget to ask these questions!

Do you have a portfolio?

Check out recent photos of the architect’s previous work. Study the construction materials and analyze how candidates’ projects have dealt with aging. If a firm has done work around the area, ask the architect to set up an in-person inspection of the facility to see how challenges were overcome and to inspect the quality of the finish.

Who will design my project?

Unless you’re hiring a sole proprietor, the person who you meet with may not be the one handling the design work. While this shouldn’t be an issue, it’s wise to know up front. Communication is essential and meeting the lead architect for your job could help to ensure there are no crossed wires.

hire the right architect

What project management services do you provide?

Architects don’t just come up with the design and blueprints. Additional services may be:

  • Managing the project
  • Assisting in hiring the contractor
  • Checking the contractor’s work as the job proceeds
  • Adjusting designs as the work progresses
  • Reviewing invoices to ensure payments never get ahead of the work
  • Obtaining necessary lien waivers from all contractors

Ask for the cost of each service and determine if this would benefit your project.

What are the challenges and attractions of this project?

A good architect won’t just have a stunning portfolio and stellar references; he or she will be able to spot red flags, offer solutions, and describe how they’ll approach your project. A good way to determine this is to ask:

  • What elements of this project could be improved?
  • Will this remodel blend with the rest of the current property?
  • What are some of the challenges you expect to face?
  • How will we overcome these obstacles?

While the answers are important, this type of conversation is good to have to build rapport and ensure your personalities are compatible.

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