Modernizing the Home

Modern home presentation is a big to-do, as many of the younger generation is learning as they begin to move into their own spaces. Often with no formal training, so many people find themselves uncertain in how to transform their new blank canvas into a modern, elegant home that they can be proud of and host events without worry of ridicule. In a previous blog post, we discussed different ways to make a small space look bigger. Many of those concepts apply here too! Modern home design takes advantage of the simplicity of the space and, most especially, working with small spaces. In addition to those tricks, check out the following ideas on how to bring your home into the age of now!

Present Your Perfect Palace

A clean home exudes contemporaneity. This does not mean having rooms with just one or two chairs in them, but just maximizing on the space that you do have. Step One is picking up the clutter and keeping a clean house. Step Two is where you can get creative with stacking furniture, hidden storage, and keeping designated drawers around the room for TV accessories, general hardware, or whatever you want to keep handy but not visible. Combined with some specific spotlighting, your home could be a modern palace, fit for display in any museum.

Brush up on Colour Palettes

Colour schemes that fit well within today’s modern home are numerous. They focus a lot on emphasizing other features of the room instead of wading into a sea of just one colour. A room with subtle earth tones, such as the brown of the hardwood floor, an ecru dining table, and pairing white dining chairs for accent would set a soft yet solid ambiance. Offset a neutral room using one bold colour for attraction. You could have a floorplan containing greys and whites in the walls and furniture, and choose one centrepiece in a hue of dark blue or red to express a powerful exclamation. And if you want some extra decadence, inject a little gold here and there via wall decorations and shelf knickknacks; this is most effective with a black and white room!

Load up on the Extras

Considered by many to be “extra accessories”, the following ideas could better be referred to as the “finishing touches”. Upgrade the heights of rooms with some inexpensive crown moulding, and install or update your windows with some sleek new blinds and matching valances. Cozy up with some extra-large throw pillows on the couch. Replace your existing hardware (doorknobs, drawer pulls, light switch plates) with classy brushed nickel or bronze finished pieces. Finally, consider some shiny new wall art or mirrors. It’s the small stuff that really elevates a room from lived-in space to haute couture!

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